Web QMS Benefits

Benefits of Implementing Web QMS

With Web QMS your employees have full visibility of your entire management system for their location and for the entire organization; and can therefore use more of it, rely on it, and make informed decisions necessary to conduct their jobs successfully…check the latest metrics on your company objectives, get a report on outstanding corrective actions, look at past due calibration equipment, enter NCRs, see list of equipment that needs PM, see a report of outstanding training, etc. The vast array of information on Web QMS available to your employees is probably one of the biggest benefit you will get.

To say that Web QMS is available 24X7 is an understatement. Web QMS is accessible anytime, anywhere, from your phone, desktop, at the same time and in multiple places at once. Because Web QMS is cloud based, multiple employees can be using the modules and applications at once, and generate say – Corrective Actions- at the exact same time, without problems.

Think of being able to start the Internal Audit of your Phoenix location from your home office in Houston, then flying to Phoenix to complete the Internal Audit on location, and then entering the audit findings at the airport while your wait for your flight back home. If you think that is too good to be true, well that is what Web QMS can do for you.

As long as there is internet connection, Web QMS is accessible from any web browser.

Web QMS is not confined to a certain number of users, and has no limits on seats, or concurrent users. Web QMS does not have restrictions on the number of corrective on corrective actions you can open, equipment you can add, or training you can create.  Web QMS grows on demand automatically to fit your needs.

When organizations buy a new company, and have more users to add, Web QMS adjust to the influx of users instantly with no IT changes needed on your part. Mireaux monitors our server usage, and capacity is adjusted automatically to ensure that speed and performance are not impacted.

With Web QMS, you can add information or make updates anytime, allowing employees to see new information instantly regardless of their location or time.

Updating hard copies when a new revision of a procedure or work instruction is published, is without doubt a very time-consuming task. Organizations using paper-based systems, end up finding themselves with lost, outdated and uncontrolled documents, which unfortunately always seem to appear during the ISO or API Audit, when the Auditor easily finds what you couldn’t.

With Web QMS the issue of uncontrolled documents goes away or is minimized.  However Web QMS goes beyond updating documents, you can update Objectives, add new Assets, respond to a Customer Complaint, Initiate Risk Assessment, etc. and always see the information disseminated immediately.

By keeping information up to date at all times, you provide your employees with an accurate management system platform that they can rely on.

If you require more than a few minutes to find a procedure, procedure, locate an asset, or find an employee certification, chances are, you or your employees will not rely on your management system for long. Most than likely you will create your “own” system by creating shortcuts or storing documents in your “own” repository.

With Web QMS’ “maximum 3 clicks away” motto, you are able to find information within your management system fast and with a maximum of 3 mouse clicks; so you have more time to review and analyze the information rather than look for it. The following chart shows our sample average clicks per ISO or API requirement.

Required ItemNumber of clicks
Approved Supplier ListX
Asset Register/ Calibration/ Equipment MaintenanceX
Behavioral Base Safety (BBS)X
Business Continuity Plan (BCP)X
Communication PlanX
Conformity Matrix/ Statement of Applicability (SOA)X
Contingency PlanningX
Corrective/ Preventive Action RequestsX
Critical Processes/ Critical Services and SRPX
Customer ComplaintsX
Customer PropertyX
Customer SatisfactionX
E-Learning/ Training Events/ Training PlanX
Emergency ContactsX
Emergency PreparednessX
Employee CertificationsX
Employee HandbookX
External/ Internal Audits (Plan, Report, Findings)X
External DocumentsX
HSE Manual/ ISMS Manual/ Quality ManualX
HSE Policy/ ISMS Policy/ Quality PolicyX
Information Security Incidents/ Safety IncidentsX
Inventory ControlX
Job Descriptions/ Organizational ChartsX
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)X
Lessons LearnedX
List of Legal RequirementsX
Main Process MapX
Management of Change (MOC)X
Management Reviews (Presentation, Minutes, Action Items)X
Monitoring and Measuring/ ObjectivesX
Nonconformance RequestX
Procedures, Work Instructions & FormsX
Product Quality Plans/ Service Quality PlanX
Records RetentionX
Risk AssessmentX
Short Service Employee (SSE)X
Special Interest GroupsX

How much time do you spend chasing through Management Review Action Items to ensure they are closed? How much time do you spend, training new Employees on your organization’s management system? It is not difficult to see that for a management system to be effective, it has to be maintained, and that requires some manpower. With Web QMS however, you can free up needed resources, and let Web QMS act as a virtual administrator by letting Web QMS:

  • Notify employees of items that need their attention, such as Customer Complaints in need of root cause analysis, or NCRs in need of action.
  • Remind employees of past due or coming due items, such as equipment in need of preventive maintenance, tools in need of calibration, employees who need to renew their certifications, or complete outstanding training.
  • Escalate notifications to management when actions are not completed; such as Information Security Incident not investigated, or equipment past due for calibration.

These are just a few of Web QMS’ useful features to help your employees stop chasing people and paperwork and focus on their jobs and on what they do best.

With Web QMS’ extensive modules and applications, you can truly have your entire management system under one roof, thus adding value, and enhancing the purpose of your management system. From your management system policy to your Internal Audit findings, from your Asset Register to your Job Descriptions, Web QMS will be the most reliable tool in your organization, which will ultimately lead to greater adherence to your management system and ensure compliance.

Whether your organization is new to the ISO or API standards, or is already certified, Web QMS can help bolster your management system infrastructure.

Organizations seeking certification for the first time are at advantage because they can use Web QMS as their compliance checklist. Once Web QMS is configured for their desired management system standard, they know that every module and application of Web QMS has a purpose in their certification journey. By ensuring that these modules and applications are populated and maintained in accordance to established requirements, organizations can be assured they are getting closer to certification.

Organizations already ISO or API certified looking to implement Web QMS, will most definitely benefit from converting their traditional paper-based system or disjointed system to Web QMS. They also have an advantage in that their documentation, such as manual, procedures, work instructions, etc., are already developed and moving them into the Web QMS will be a simple task.

When employees move, get promoted, transfer, or are terminated, there is a risk that they take some knowledge or information with them.  With Web QMS, all your management system information is stored in a central location –Web QMS- and is available to all employees, anytime, anywhere; therefore movements of people do not result in lost information.

Nowadays customers want the assurance that organizations can provide the products or services they need, and have a management system in place to demonstrate their capacity and capabilities to support them for years to come.  Showcasing Web QMS as part of your presentation to customers, will exhibit total transparency and awareness of your management system. By showing them your Manual, procedures, Management Review information, Corrective Actions, Equipment Maintenance, Training Reports, etc. – all from the same room, you will be demonstrating that you have a management system under control and one that you are proud to share.

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