Benefits of Outsourcing Internal Audits

Benefits of Outsourcing your Internal Audits to Mireaux

Internal Audits are a key requirement of every new or existing ISO or API management system. Once your organization becomes certified, it is required to have Internal Audits of the management system annually until you no longer want to be certified -this is part of maintaining your certification. If you are concerned about keeping with this essential requirement requirement, see below the benefits of outsourcing your internal Audits to Mireaux.

Effective Audits

It is no secret that the more you audit the better auditor you become, and that undoubtedly applies to Mireaux auditors – who audit quite frequently, sometimes daily or weekly.  Couple that with their extensive knowledge in the ISO and API standards and experience in various industries, and you get well rounded and effective audits that help ensure your management system is always improving.

Cost Savings

Unless you are a large organization with dedicated full time Auditors – training, hiring, and re-training employees to be qualified Auditors can become a losing proposition. By outsourcing your Audits to Mireaux, you can count on high-caliper Auditors and avoid recurrent training and certification expenses.

Time Saving

Planning, preparing, and conducting audits can be disruptive. When you outsourced your Audits to Mireaux, you can count on us preparing the audit plan, executing the audit on time, and issuing the report within 3 days of the audit- we have to: Audit Report Turnaround is one of our objectives and we too get audited on that!

Increased Resources

When you outsource your audits to Mireaux you get an Audit Team on site plus another team in our office (Technical Writers and Consultants), who review the audit documentation for accuracy as well as format, to ensure all your requirements and those of the standards are met.

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