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Since 2001, Mireaux Management Solutions has been helping organizations around the world achieve ISO and API management system certifications, as well as helping maintain those certifications by performing audits, providing training, and keeping all their requirements in check through our software Web QMS.

Initially focused on ISO 9001, Mireaux’s beginning always included its software Web QMS.  At that time, Miriam Boudreaux – founder of Mireaux- thought that the only way she could differentiate herself from other Consultants was to have something else to give its clients, something that could add value to their operations and reduce the burden that a traditional paper-based management system could not provide. Having been involved in two major deployments at her previous companies, she saw first-hand what a paper-based system consisted of, as well as one that was trying to bring everything into the up and coming intranet. With her Industrial Engineering background and experience in databases, Miriam begin the journey of developing the first version of the Web QMS software.

By 2005 Mireaux begun expanded outside of Texas, into the Midwest and West Coast. As travel began to increase, Boudreaux recognized the need to enhance its training options and started providing E-Learning courses through its Web QMS software. Around this time, Mireaux added the newly released ISO ISO 27001 Information Security Management System to its Consulting and Auditing portfolio, making Mireaux one of the early adopters of this standard.

In late 2009, a breakthrough occurred and Mireaux won a large contract to implement ISO 9001 for an oil and gas company headquartered in The Woodlands along with 5 locations in the Gulf Coast region. This changed Mireaux’s resources landscape and by 2011, Mireaux had full time employees and its first small office in Northwest Houston.

In 2014 Mireaux won a contract to help a division of one of the largest oil and gas operators in the world become API Q2. This will take Mireaux –and its Web QMS software- to the Saudi Arabia peninsula and mark the beginning of Mireaux’s entrance into the global market.

With years of experience and to further demonstrate its commitment to the ISO standards as well as to the information trusted by its Clients, Mireaux sought out certification for itself, achieving ISO 9001 certification in 2012 and ISO 27001 certification in 2014. By being the only ISO firm with dual Quality Management System (QMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS) certifications – and using Web QMS to maintain it- Mireaux is clearly committed not only to promote the benefits of the standards but also to reap those benefits itself.

Through the years Mireaux has received numerous awards, including the Fastest Growing Technology Business in Houston, Fastest Women Owned Growing Business, and it has been a 3-times recipient of the Cougar 100 award given by the University of Houston to alumni-led companies.

Nowadays, Mireaux provides Consulting and Auditing services in various ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001; as well as API Q1, API Q2 and numerous API monograms such as API 7-1, API 11E, API 6A, API 4F, etc. Mireaux provides on-site and public courses on most of these standards, and its software Web QMS is being used by companies around the world.

As the future develops, Mireaux looks forward to continue to expand its pool of Consultants, Auditors, and Trainers in order to server global markets, and seeks to stay firm with its original principles of Value Add and Sustainability, ensuring that its Clients receive best in class management systems for years to come.

To learn more about how Mireaux Management Solutions can help your company, please contact us at 713-589-4680.

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